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Below is the list of models for the category "Headset". To read about a particular model, click its hyperlink. You can filter this list, for instance, to see only the models whose description contains particular keywords, such as the name of a manufacturer or characteristic (USB, mute, binaural, digital…)

For a list of supported hardware, please select a Product from the drop-down list below.

Accuracy Score   Manufacturer

Accuracy Scale
Dragon Score
Accuracy Scale 6NuanceUSB Dragon HeadsetCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6ADDCOMADD300Current
Accuracy Scale 6ADDCOMADD700Current
Accuracy Scale 6ADDCOMADD800Current
Accuracy Scale 6Andrea CommunicationsANC-700/ANC-750Current
Accuracy Scale 6Andrea CommunicationsEDU-255/EDU-255M/EDU-255 USBCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6Andrea CommunicationsNC-181/NC-185Current
Accuracy Scale 6Andrea CommunicationsEDU-455/EDU-455M/EDU-455 USBCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6CountrymanE6 Earset microphoneCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6ElecomHS-HP06USVCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6JabraBIZ 2400 Duo UCCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6JabraBIZ 2300Current
Accuracy Scale 6JabraUC Voice 750Current
Accuracy Scale 6JabraJabra 550Current
Accuracy Scale 6JabraBiz 2400 IICurrent
Accuracy Scale 6JabraEvolve 80Current
Accuracy Scale 6JabraEvolve 30 UCCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6JabraEvolve 40 UCCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6Logitech Inc. (formerly Labtec)H340Current
Accuracy Scale 6PlantronicsBlackwire 710/720Current
Accuracy Scale 6PlantronicsBlackwire C310/C320Current
Accuracy Scale 6PlantronicsAudio 628Current
Accuracy Scale 6PolarisSoundpro Wideband HeadsetCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6Sennheiser CommunicationsSC 230/SC 260Current
Accuracy Scale 6VansonicNuance Analog Headset - Retail BundleCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6VXI CorporationEnvoy UCCurrent
Accuracy Scale 6XenexxXS 330Current
Accuracy Scale 6Andrea CommunicationsNC-01Legacy
Accuracy Scale 6Andrea CommunicationsNC-91/NC-95Legacy
Accuracy Scale 6Andrea CommunicationsNC-250vLegacy
Accuracy Scale 6iBuffalobshsuh08Legacy
Accuracy Scale 6iBuffalobshsun03Legacy
Accuracy Scale 6Logitech Inc. (formerly Labtec)e650Legacy
Accuracy Scale 6PlantronicsAudio 310/320Legacy
Accuracy Scale 6PlantronicsAudio 610/620Legacy
Accuracy Scale 6Plantronics.Audio 400 DSPLegacy
Accuracy Scale 6VXI CorporationTalkPro UC1/UC2/UC3Legacy
Accuracy Scale 6VXI CorporationTalkPro USB1/USB2/USB3Legacy
Accuracy Scale 5ElecomHS-HP13BKCurrent
Accuracy Scale 5ElecomHS-HP20BK/HS-HP20BU/HS-HP20RD/HS-HP20WHCurrent
Accuracy Scale 5ElecomHS-HP10SVCurrent
Accuracy Scale 5Logitech Inc. (formerly Labtec)H540Current
Accuracy Scale 5MairdiMRD-308 SeriesCurrent
Accuracy Scale 4AppleEarPodsCurrent
Accuracy Scale 4ElecomHS-NB01UBKCurrent
Accuracy Scale 4MairdiMRD-512 SeriesLegacy
Accuracy Scale 3Andrea ElectronicsSuperbeam Buds/Phones/CansLegacy


Newer hardware may not be listed here or on our Web site simply because we have not tested our products with them yet. We are continually testing new hardware and adding them to the list. However, if your hardware is not listed you may still be able to use it with your Nuance Products. It is also possible that your hardware manufacturer has posted driver updates at a Web or FTP site that you can download.

If you have any questions, or if your hardware is not listed, please feel free to contact Customer Service.

This compatibility list is only a guideline. Nuance cannot predict or control the manufacturing or quality control of third party hardware devices. Since hardware manufacturers may change their configurations at any time, Nuance, or any of its affiliates can not be held responsible for the quality or functionality of the products with the hardware in this list.

INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS PRODUCT SUPPORT CENTER IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of the information in this Product Support Center. You have the right to use this technical information subject to the terms of the License Agreement that you received with the product this information pertains to.